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This is a technique that your own blood is use to rejuvenate/repair your skin. We believe PRP is the most effective and most natural way to look younger and healthier. Since it is your own tissue there will be no risk of allergic reaction. Your skin becomes younger, more elastic which will help to iron out those skin wrinkles, lines and folds. This can achieve a face lift result without a scar! Furthermore, with a surgical face lift you do have a tighter skin but it is still the same old skin. Sagging arms, loose skin of the neck, hands, abdomen etc. can be treated with PRP. It can help to improve stretch marks.

Your blood is collected in a special sterile test tube – not the normal tube that we use for blood tests. The blood is then centrifuged (spinning) in a machine to separate plasma – or clear blood – from red blood cells. The red blood cells are discarded.

Your plasma is then injected into your skin – face or neck or hand etc. Topical anesthesia will be applied prior to the injection to minimise the pain. The plasma is rich in growth factors which can stimulate your skin fibroblast to make new collagen and stimulate more healthy growth of skin cells. This is how PRP can rejuvenate and repair you aged or damaged skin including scars. PRP also can help to treat hair loss.

The process takes about 2 hrs. 1.5 hrs. for numbing cream and 30 min for injection. There is minor swelling and occasionally tiny bruise.

Most patient can go back to work the next day. Side effects are pain, bruise and swelling.

Complication is minor skin infection but this is extremely rare and can be easily treated with antibiotic.

The result takes up to 1 month to show. But in some instance patient reported improvement after 1 week.



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