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Skin treatment

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At BHC we collect the most advanced technologies in combination with our specialised techniques to rejuvenate your skin with minimal down time and rapid results.What happen to our skin when we age?

When we are young, our skins are full of collagen and water. As years go by, the skin loose its collagen which leads to a reduction in elasticity, the skin becomes dryer due to dehydration, the fatty layer known as the hypodermis also becomes thinner. The combination of the above makes the skin thin and less elastic and we start to develop wrinkles.

But aging skin is more than just developing wrinkles. We will collect more dead skin and these skin cells tend to stick together and this makes our skin become dull, tired looking rather than a radiant and smooth skin we once had. They tend to block the skin pore – which causes “mid-life” acne – and sweat glands opening- which cause syringoma – skin colour tiny cysts mostly seen under the eyes.

On top of that, our skin also develops abnormal pigmentation or dyschromia such as melisma, lentigines – spots, seborrhoeic keratosis – oily warts and more.Medical Microdermabrasion technology.

Forget all the microdermabrasion you have done elsewhere! Here we have crystal free microdermabrasion machine with a specialised technique developed by Dr Andrew Le, cosmetic physician and surgeon.

Our microdermabrasion will remove the dead skin cell, open skin pores, unblock sweat gland therefore will reduce and prevent the formation of acne and syringoma. With deep microdermabrasion technique we will stimulate more collagen production, increase water content, increase skin circulation and oxygenation. Our Medical Microdermabrasion will remove your dead skin layer but at the same like increase the thickness of your “living” skin layer (the dermis). As the result you will have a smoother, thicker, healthier and radiant looking skin.Laser rejuvenation

We are using Dual Yellow Laser, QS 1064 nm/ 522 nm Laser and Palomar Diode Laser.How does it work?

Laser skin at our clinic is different form laser . Laser resurfacing will destroy the skin top layer (similar to chemical peel) which has unwanted and also heathy skin cells. Our lasers works by using a special dual yellow laser to give penetrate deep into the skin to stimulate the cells that produce collagen. In addition to this the laser also destroys abnormal cells and abnormal tissue to get rid of the marks on your skin you have always wanted to erase.  Rather than getting rid of both health and unhealthy skin, the lasers target the problem areas leaving the healthy skin untouched. As a result of this you won’t have the scarring or hyper pigmentation you would with a chemical peel treatment or laser resurfacing.

With our laser rejuvenation there is no downtime, recovery is instant. You don’t have to take days off as in the case of laser resurfacing or chemical peel.

QS Laser is effective for melasma or other pigmented lesions including Ota Nevus and hyperpigmentation.

Palomar Laser is good to remove unwanted mole and freckles.

Dual Yellow laser is the best laser for treating capillaries and syringoma. It is also excellent machine treating acne and scars.Enzyme mask

‘Restores skin to its peak condition’.

Enzyme Therapy Treatments are non-invasive, hydrolysing treatments which removes dead protein cells from the surface of the skin without peeling the skin through the process called ‘reverse osmosis’. Enzyme Therapy Treatments work with the skin.  It aims to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin to create a healthy environment for cells to live and thrive in.  Enzyme Therapy are ideal for teenager and adult acne, blackheads, pimples, mature, sun damaged and wrinkly skins.

 These are before and after photos of patients who were treated with BHC skin products with Dr’s treatment.

skin 06skin 05

skin 07skin 04


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